Monday, August 15, 2016

Black Stone Choker

Bead Stringing Wire (Michael's)
*Crimp Beads
*Jump rings
1 Toggle Clasp (Michael's)
1 Small Heavy Duty Chain (Micheal's)
Seed Beads (Brown Wooden, Beige, Tan, Mauve: Michael's)
Black Stones (Michael's)
Bead Bugs (Amazon)
*Assorted Beading Tools (Amazon)

*get a kit multi kit as buying these individually can get expensive.

Step 1:
Decide the length you want and cut 5 cords of wire. Leave 4 extra inches on each for tying the knots, at the ends. My end product is about 15 inches but I have attached an extender to make it a bit larger.  This is always a nice trick of you accidentally make something too short or just want to make a necklace longer, for a different look.

Step 2:
Attach a bead bug to one end of one cord and start adding your seed beads.  The add your stone beads on either sides and make sure you keep the seed beads in the center.  I have added the lighter color seed beads at the ends and the brown in the middle to give an ombre effect.  I also think gold seed beads would look really nice.  Repeat for all 5 wires.

Step 3:
Add a clam shell then a crimp bead to the end of one side of wire.  Tie a knot and slide the crimp bead over the knot and stamp it down.  

Step 4:
Cut the excess wire, from the knotted metal and close your clam shell around it.  Close the loop of your clamshell.

Step 5:
Attach all the ends, and the chain extender to a large jump ring.

Step 6:
Attach a Toggle clasp to the ends of the necklace. 

You have completed your necklace!

Twist the necklace before putting it on.

.....or just wear without twisting.

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