Monday, August 15, 2016

Silver and Green Bib Necklace

This necklace can be dressy or casual, depending on the beads chosen.  For a more sophisticated look, choose all mixed metal beads.  Perhaps, hematite edges and light silver filling out the middle?  

20 Gauge Bendable Wire or Headpins
Bead Stringing Wire (Michael's)
*Crimp Beads
*Jump rings
*Head Pins
Seed Beads (Michael's)
Bead Covers (Michael's)
Bead Bugs (Amazon)
*Assorted Beading Tools (Amazon)

*get a kit multi kit as buying these individually can get expensive.

Step 1:
Decide the length you want and cut 5 cords of wire. I use Leave 4 inches extra on each for tying the knots, at the ends. You may want to make more than 5 strands, if so you'll have to get bigger Bead cones to cover the ends, which can get thick when they are all put together.

Step 2:
Attach a bead bug to one end of one cord and start adding your seed beads.  Add the green first then fill out the edges with the silver.  I have left about 6 inches of wire exposed so that the necklace will hang nicely.  Repeat for all 5 wires.

Step 3:
Slide the end of the first wire through your looped headpin and through the crimp bead to hold it together.  Make sure the loop of wire isn't too long because you want your Bead Cone to cover the ugly ends.  

Step 4:
If you are using the 20 gauge wire, then you can make a loop with it and wrap it around itself a few times to make it look nice.  However, its easier to just use the regular looped headpin pictured above. I just add a seed bead then close the wire loop, so I can attach a jump ring.  

Step 5:
Attach lobster clasp and jump rings to finish.  You can 

You have completed your necklace!

Make it a choker!


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