Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to Attach a Jump Ring

There are many different size jump rings and all work the same way.  I use the smallest jump rings for earrings and attaching closures to bracelets, but which ones you use are up to you.

Step 1:
Grab the jump ring with 2 sets of pliers. Bend one plier towards your body and one away from your body.  Don't pull the jump ring open as if you are trying to straighten it out.
It should look more like an "S" than a "U".

Step 2:
Add whatever elements you are trying to combine and close the ring back up.  It is extremely important that you close the ring back evenly (not overlapping) and without a gap.  If it is uneven or overlapping it may snag clothing and if it isn't tightly closed then the chain or whatever it is combining may fall through the gap and come undone.


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