Thursday, March 30, 2017

Metallic Multi Strand Necklace

This necklace is appropriate for work or a night out!  It is easy enough to make that kids can throw one together for a sophisticated and versatile handmade gift.

Estimated time to complete: 1 hour

1MM Waxed Cotton Cord (neutral colors add sophistication)
2 Large Cording Endings
1 S-Hook Clasp (or whatever you have on hand)
*2 small jump rings
*you can just buy a multi pack that has a selection of findings, like this one on Amazon.

Silver beads (small and square. I got mine from Michael's)

Assorted Beading Tools
Beading Board
Candle (yes, any candle will do. Pine scented made the necklace smell nice)

40 second video on how I put this together!

Step 1:
Light your candle.
Decide what length you will be making.  I use 12.5 inches of beads.  Make sure to cut some extra cord as you may have to trim it because as it may fray while you are stringing.

Get your cotton cording and dip the end of it in the newly melted wax. Immediately, pinch the ends of your cord just to tap the wax down.  This will give you a hard tip and make your cord much easier to string. Tie a knot at the opposite end to keep the beads from falling off.  You'll cut the knot off, so make it as close to the end as you can.

1 MM Waxed Cord
Cotton Cording

Step 2:
String 12.5 inches of beads onto the first strand and set aside. Repeat for the next 5 strands.  

Step 3:
Cut off the knotted ends and gather one side of strands together to place in the cord ending.  Use pliers to bend the metal closure around the 6 strands.  Make sure this ending is tight.  Repeat for the other side.

Step 4:
Attach the S-hook closure with 3mm jump rings.

How To Wear This Necklace:

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