Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to Finish a Headpin

Headpins come in many shapes, sizes and finishes.  The ones pictured are pretty basic, but you can get more decorative ones.  I got mine from Michael's.  Closing headpins take a little bit of practice.  Here is a quick tutorial on an easy way to close a headpin.  

Headpins are used to hold groups of beads that you'll attach to another set of beads,  jump rings or whatever you can dream up.  The one below is only going to be joined on one end, like an earring.  

Sometimes your headpin is longer than you want, so you clip the end.  Figuring out how long the remaining tip should be takes some practice. You'll get the hang of it quickly. However, they are cheap so, if you make a mistake then just toss it and start over. 

Tightly grasp the end of the pin with your wire wrapping pliers. Try to get to the smallest end of the pliers to get the tightest loop.  The further towards your hands the larger the loop.

You'll turn at an angle so you'll end up with a small offset loop. 

Small offset.

Now grasp the loop at its base and bend it slightly backwards to make a question mark shape.

Straighten out the offset to make a closed loop.

Now you can add a jump ring.


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